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Getting Started on LinkedIn

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

By Cole Friedman

LinkedIn is the premiere social media site for networking and career development, as recruiters regularly advertise positions and engage prospective employees on there, so it’s imperative to sign up sooner rather than later. Here are a few quick tips from the experts on how to best utilize the platform! 1. Create a strong profile Into web design? Love video editing? Show off your skills to let potential employers and co-workers know what you’re about. While your profile must include a clean, professional photo and your detailed work experience, it should also paint a picture of your interests and talents. Post regularly about what you’re doing to stay active and stay seen. 2. Follow the organizations you love Companies regularly use LinkedIn to advertise jobs and internships, often only for a brief moment. Stay ahead of the game by subscribing and regularly checking the pages of the workplaces you’re interested in so when the time comes to act, you’re ready. 3. Join alumni and affinity groups Individuals will often use groups on LinkedIn to post under-the-radar job postings or opportunities. See what spaces already exist for you to join based on your interests, identities, or affiliations (make sure you join the FUTURE NOW Leaders Network!). 4. Research the roles you want Once you’ve begun thinking about the spaces you’re interested in, start looking at the roster of employees under specific organizations or companies. What title do you know the least about? Google it and see what comes up before reaching out directly to a person. 5. Reach out! Professionals love talking to students, so don’t worry so much about the prospect of reaching out as much as who you should reach out to. Be purposeful in your connection requests – if you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing, find a professional (a) in that role and (b) at a company you’re interested in When you decide to reach out, simply ask for a short phone call sometime to learn more about their career. Keeping it vague now allows for flexibility later. And always thank them for their time regardless of whether you speak or not! SOURCES:

How To Use LinkedIn - The New York Times Whether you’re looking for a new role or just trying to expand your professional network, here’s how to use the website’s services to your full advantage.



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