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Deadline: April 15

FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference is open to currently enrolled college and graduate students and recent graduates (class of 2022, 2023, 2024), but you MUST APPLY and be selected to attend. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Please put your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on every document of your application. Uploaded letters of recommendation must be on letterhead and signed by the person recommending you.

If you are accepted to attend FUTURE NOW, your application materials will be included in a TALENT e-PORTFOLIO that will be provided to all the media company sponsors in attendance. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to showcase who you are; the quality of your work, skills, and talent; and significantly increase your visibility to recruiters for internship and job opportunities.

For all applicants accepted to attend, we will provide an online form for registration and payment:

  • EARLY BIRD conference registration fee of $129* will be due by April 30. (The first forty (40) applicants accepted to attend FUTURE NOW will be granted first-priority access to the media tours.)

  • REGULAR registration fee of $149* will be due by May 15.

  • LATE registration rate of $199* will be accepted by May 26.


SCHOLARSHIP applications are also open to anyone accepted to the conference who needs financial support to cover the conference registration fee.

How did you hear about the conference?

Recommendation Letter:*
Share this LINK with your professor or current / former employer to provide a recommendation for you by April 15. Or, upload a recommendation letter as a file.

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500-Word Essay:
Explain WHY you want to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry and HOW you have been working towards it, sharing any relevant activities, hobbies, experience.*

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Upload Resume
Application Form

Thanks for submitting!

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