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Alumni Spotlight - Claretta Bellamy

Claretta Bellamy, Digital Reporter at NBCBLK

I currently work as a digital reporter under NBCBLK through the NBCU Academy Embed Program. While working under this two-year fellowship program, I’ve written stories about Black history, culture, entertainment, and health. I've also had the opportunity to travel to Selma, Alabama, and Buffalo, New York to report on-camera for NBC’s series about racial healing. I really enjoy working here because I’ve interviewed so many fascinating people making positive changes in their communities and have learned so much while speaking with experts about topics I care about. Applying to this program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my early career.

FUTURE NOW was a critical component to my success. Through the program, I really understood the importance of networking and had many opportunities to engage with others. FUTURE NOW also provided me with a valuable mentor, Raquelle Zuzarte, who really guided me when I was applying for jobs and keeping track of positions. FUTURE NOW was an important stepping stone that helped form me into the individual that I am now, and I am so thankful that the program exists.



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