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Alumni Spotlight - Brendan Dewley

Brendan Dewley, Production Assistant at Late Night with Seth Meyers

My name is Brendan Dewley, and I’m a recent alum of the University of Michigan. I’ve been a Production Intern and Production Assistant at Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBCUniversal) since August 2022, where I will be through the end of January!

I moved out to NYC to write and perform comedy last fall so working at Late Night has been a dream come true for me and I love working at 30 Rock. I applied to the late-night comedy internships every year at school, but this past year I connected with alumni at NBCU and asked for advice. I worked a remote internship early 2022, applied the night applications went live for the internship, and went through two rounds of interviews before I got the call from my recruiter telling me that I had gotten the gig!

FUTURE NOW helped me learn how to take the initiative and follow up with people on LinkedIn and via email even after brief interactions like at the FUTURE NOW Media and Entertainment Conference. I still keep in touch with a few of the mentors I met through the program.



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