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Testimonials - 2024 FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference

I came in not knowing what to expect but left with new friends - all very talented, knowledge about the industry, and advice that I'll remember for a lifetime. I've left with new perspectives and confidence in my journey and the many options I can take to get there. - Y. Serville, Temple University

It was a very insightful, encouraging, and fruitful experience. Many relationships and opportunities have blossomed as a result, and my foot is in doors I have never imagined possible. From start to end, I have reached milestones of insight and curiosity. It was truly a remarkable experience. - B. Zumba, University of Wisconsin-Madison

It was my first big conference and I have to say it's been so insanely rewarding. The panels were insightful with a wide variety of discussion topics. The mentoring sessions were invaluable, and the media tours were such a special treat as well! I also met many eager and passionate peers with whom I had mutually supportive conversations with. I feel welcomed and better equipped now as I enter the industry. I feel so lucky to have experienced it all. - C. Hsu, Pace University

I had the honor and privilege to attend the FNMEC for the second year in a row, and it was just as empowering as the last- if not more so! - C. Augustin, Babson College

Because of this conference, I was able to finally feel comfortable in my career and fully believe that I will make it far. It has truly changed the course of my life. - C. Ruiz, Temple University

I met so many generous industry professionals and forged invaluable new connections with other uprising professionals. I will never forget these days, and the connections and lessons formed from them will be invaluable to my career moving forward. We are the future! - G. Lopez, Ringling College of Art and Design

It was a truly inspiring experience receiving mentorship from industry professionals and networking with creative peers that share the passion for the industry. I was able to network, learn, and grow as a professional. Thank you for the unforgettable opportunity! The conference was a life-changing experience to me. - L. Lee, University of California, Berkeley

Thank you for creating a space for diverse future leaders in media and entertainment. I'm so grateful to have found such a wonderful organization like Future Now. I loved getting a behind-the-scenes look into the different aspects of radio and was impressed by the organization‘s level of collaboration. - V. Feliciano, University of Miami

Attending this conference has completely changed my perspective and has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in the media and entertainment industry. I have made meaningful connections with leaders in the media and entertainment industry, and have come to understand the industry itself better. I am much more confident in my future and what lies ahead, now that I have had exposure to an industry I knew I wanted to work in yet was unfamiliar with. - C. Cantada, Pepperdine University

It truly was a memorable success. Thank you so much again for orchestrating a phenomenal conference. - S. Gorman, University of Connecticut

I am privileged to have been able to listen in to these leaders through keynotes, conversations, and panel discussions. I aim to bring everything that I have learned from this conference forward with me to improve my professional, technical, and personal growth. As a student trying to establish myself in the US, the last 3 days at this conference have been invaluable to establishing my network and strengthening my core values. - O. Baker, Denison University

I not only had the time of my life, I’ve grown as a person and leader. Please follow Future Now and choose to grow at next year’s conference. 100/10 experience, would go again!! - I. Williams, Temple University

Thank you for creating FUTURE NOW. It is very inspiring and encouraging to speak with and learn directly from the professionals who found and elevated their careers through FUTURE NOW. At the end of each day of the conference, I felt more and more enlightened. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I am very eager to return and contribute because I also want to tell incoming alumni that I have my dream career because of FUTURE NOW. - B. Zumba, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I gained insightful perspectives from mentors dedicated to supporting the next generation of media professionals. I also had the pleasure of meeting many impressive peers throughout the conference, and I look forward to staying in touch with them. A heartfelt thank you to Margaret Kim and the FUTURE NOW team for putting together such an outstanding event. Your passion and dedication made this experience truly unforgettable. - O. Dabinett, Williams College

I could not have anticipated the plethora of knowledge and industry insights I gained during this incredible experience. - M. Hinrichs-Morrow, Washington University in St. Louis

I went in feeling as if I had to compete to stand out but I left the Conference feeling supported by a newfound support group. You created a safe space where I never felt overlooked or overshadowed and for that, I say thank you. - E. Baltazar, Fordham University

As a first-generation student, this is an invaluable opportunity for me to immerse myself in the entertainment industry, connect with existing leaders and professionals, and expand my network. - S. Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

It was a remarkable experience getting to connect with other like-minded, young creatives and learn from established industry professionals. I'm beyond inspired to strive for higher and excited to make the most of the connections I made. - A. Otchere, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

This conference provided invaluable insights into the professional day-to-day setting of the media industry, which I had not previously been exposed to. This experience has helped reshape my academic focus for the upcoming Fall semester, and I now have a better idea of what potential opportunities can come. This was my first-ever networking event, and I am grateful that FutureNOW was there to help me learn and ease into the environment in such an uplifting way. - D. Feliciano Riegel, Ivy Tech Community College

It was an unforgettable experience. - K. Khan, DeVry University

I fully believe in FUTURE NOW and its mission. - M. Kirk, Ringling College of Art and Design

I was able to get behind-the-scenes access to the industry’s leading companies and professionals. From visiting the offices of powerhouses in the film industry, such as Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures, to being on the set of Good Morning America, and engaging with our esteemed speakers and mentors. This experience gave me invaluable insights into a fascinating industry and I hope to learn more in the future! - C. Murdick, University of Michigan

I gained such valuable insight about my career in media from industry leaders and my peers alike. Thank you to Margaret Kim for working tirelessly to create a space like this which fosters diversity in the future of media business. A wonderful week of networking and learning the ins and outs of the media business from top industry professionals. I truly had the most wonderful time and was able to learn so much just by being here. - M. Vance, Howard University

This was my second year attending, and I truly gained even more invaluable insights and experience. From the volunteers to the speakers and mentors, everyone made this conference an absolute dream. - C. de la Masa, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What an amazing experience! Could not be more grateful to be part of the FUTURE NOW Media Foundation, Inc. community for 2 years running. I would highly encourage every student who is interested in the media & entertainment industry to start following Future Now and plan to attend the conference next year. - D. Galvez-Cepeda, Williams College

I found it eye-opening and a great way to segment from college life to the real world. I was able to network, learn, and grow as a professional. I am beyond grateful for the remarkable experience and all the precious connections I was able to make. - N. Protopsalti, Ringling College of Art and Design

This conference gave me a spark that I will continue chasing, whether it be through journalism, filmmaking, or the corporate space. - E. Jing, Williams College

I listened in on insightful panels. I also had interesting group conversations during the speed mentoring sessions and Networking Reception. I am happy to say I was able to gain a lot of knowledge; and some more direction for the future of the entertainment industry. - J. Gerken, Ithaca College

I was able to connect with various employers and network with many throughout the media and entertainment industry! I had a great time learning about the business and what’s in store for the future! - J. Boothe, University of Connecticut-Stamford

I visited the FNMEC for the second time, it was an incredible experience! I had the amazing opportunity to meet my fellows and learn from the insights of top-tier professionals about the latest trends in the entertainment industry. One of the highlights was the media tour at the Paramount office. - Z. Aheyeva, Pace University

I am leaving this conference with so much inspiration and warmth from the students and industry leaders you have invited. By cultivating a supportive industry community, you have further fueled my passion within media and entertainment. - C. Xie, Ringling College of Art and Design

The advice and expertise of each mentor, panel member, and keynote speaker provided invaluable insight into the multifaceted media world. A quote from the conference that sufficiently summarizes my gratitude for FUTURE NOW and the unfathomable opportunities it presents young adults like myself was said by Margaret Kim herself, “Your network is your net worth, and I feel wealthy.” - C. Sabogal, Fairfield University

Thank you for providing me the motivation and confidence that I will surely require to achieve my dream career within my lifetime. - J. Aguilar, Maryland Institute College of Art

As someone who didn't know much about the media and entertainment industry, it was life-changing! - L. Polina, Agnes Scott College

I learned from top industry executives and formed valuable relationships with future leaders. The conference provided me with insights that will be crucial as I navigate my professional journey. - D. Dixon, Long Island University

Working with everyone on the team made me able to see how diligently everyone works to make the annual conference possible. - H. Kirk, Ringling College of Art and Design



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