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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

By Gianni Flowers, FN alum '21

When I first attended the FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference in May 2021, it was everything I expected and more. At the time, I was a graduate student at American University, studying for my Master’s in Producing for Film, Television, and Video, and looking for a job or internship in the industry. In my search, I stumbled across FUTURE NOW’s website and learned about the Media & Entertainment Conference. I decided to submit an application to attend and the next the thing that I knew, I was accepted.

The conference was absolutely phenomenal. I can still remember like it was yesterday. Tina Fey was a guest speaker. She shared her career journey, the ins and outs of the industry, and how to become successful in the entertainment business. What intrigued me most about Fey’s keynote conversation is that it didn’t feel like our host was talking to a highly accomplished, award-winning actress and huge Hollywood star, which she absolutely is, but rather to a normal, everyday human-being working in the industry investing their time in future leaders like me. And, that was comforting. I think this is what allows for a connection to happen, knowing that someone is really no different from you.

FUTURE NOW has definitely been a motivating source for me. Attending last year’s conference not only inspired me to come back and attend again this year, but to also become a volunteer. The volunteer experience has been tremendously helpful career wise as I am learning more about the industry as well as gaining opportunities to network with others who have the same desire to pursue a career in the media and entertainment.

FUTURE NOW is one organization that is truly about its mission which is to build future leaders in the industry. I want to own a media company one day, and I know that with FUTURE NOW I am on the right track with the right people.

To anyone who is considering a career in the media and entertainment, I would definitely recommend that they participate in FUTURE NOW’s annual conference and year-round events and programs.

This organization has helped me in so many ways in gaining mentors and networking with professionals in the industry as well as my peers. If there is one thing that I have learned is that it is never too late for one to conquer his/her dreams. The future is ours to take and our future is now!


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