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How to Avoid Burnout

By Yasmina Cabrera

Burnout is the result of chronic workplace stress, it can lead to feelings of cynicism and exhaustion. Here are some tips to take better care of yourself and avoid burning out.

  1. Take Breaks. When you feel yourself becoming tired or frustrated, step away from your tasks. Go for a walk, or engage in other stress-relieving hobbies.

  2. Prioritize. When you come back to your tasks with a fresh perspective, tackle them in a different order. This can keep you from feeling stuck.

  3. Ask for help. When you begin to feel stressed ask for help from a friend or colleague. They may be able to help with your workload, or offer much needed advice.

  4. Unplug. Know when to stop working and turn away from your screen at the end of the day. This can help you to prevent overstimulation.

  5. Get Good Sleep. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is the best way to avoid burning out. Sleep guarantees that you will start the day refreshed, and with enough energy to take on your work.



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